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Italo/Mauritian (Mauritius, Madagascar),approached to the world of magic at the tender age of 11 years when he learns from the magician of the holidays camping to make the first numbers with cards and coins. In Adolescence he studied acrobatics, trampolines, acrobatic skating (in line skate) and break dance and at the age of 25 he decided to leave the law school to dedicate himself full time to juggling attending circus schools like “Flic” of Turin and “Katakomben” of Berlin and at the same time studying clown and physical theater with Paolo Nani, Tino Fimiani, Jean Menigue and Andrea Casaca and, self-taught, following the grandfather's footsteps, he also studied the mandolin: the excellent italian instrumental.

His past experiences as a performer and street artist and the constant and obsessive practice of handling (sleight of hand) allow him to create unique shows that combine magic, humor, surprise and entertainment.

Since 2007 he has performed in theaters, street artists' festivals, juggling conventions, grand gala both as a solo artist and with Duo Alegre. In the 2010 he casually participated in a gala evening at the "Circolo amici della magia" of Turin and from that moment he decided to dedicate himself professionally to what was his first passion: magic.

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